Balsall Parish Council

Balsall Parish Council

Balsall Parish Council

Agenda for Balsall Parish Council Meeting to be held on Wednesday 15th November 2017 at 7.00pm in the Westlake Room, Village Hall, 112 Station Road, Balsall Common CV7 7FF

Solihull Draft Local Plan - Summary Presentation Balsall Parish Council 16 November 2016.

Report from Site Exhibition held 20th August 2016 of potential new housing sites for Balsall Common.

OFFICE MOVE: The Parish Council have moved from the Police Shop to our new office at 287-289 Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common, CV7 7EL.

Welcome to Balsall Parish Council Website. This website has been designed to update visitors and residents of Parish Council events and provide information about the Parish Council.

It is the aim of the Parish Council for this website to serve as a database and reference point for information about the Parish Council.

Balsall Parish Council passed a resolution to petition to the House of Lords to oppose the HS2 Hybrid Bill.  A copy of the petition filed with the House of Lords is available to view.

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Reviewing the Plan for Solihull's Future in Balsall Parish Common

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Balsall Parish Council petition against the HS2 Hybrid Bill (Additional Provisions)

Balsall Parish Council submitted a further Petition to the House of Commons on 13th August 2015, opposing the Additional Provisions outlined in the HS2 Hybrid Bill. This petition is in addition to the original petition opposing the Bill. This will lead to a further appearance before the Select Committee.

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Chairman's Report 2017

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Anti-social behaviour

Following the recent Parish Council Assembly, a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour were reported. It is important that a report is logged with the Police in relation to any incident. To assist, a report incident form is available to download. Once completed, please forward this to the police.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Indcident Sheet is in two parts. Be sure to download and complete both pages.

Download Anti-Social Behaviour Indcident Sheet (Part 1)
Download Anti-Social Behaviour Indcident Sheet (Part 2)

What is a Parish Council?

The Parish Council is a type of local authority that exercises local administrative functions. Its members are elected every four years. The last election took place in 2010.

The Parish Council holds meetings every two months that are conducted by the Chairman. All Parish Council meetings are open to the public. The Clerk is an employee of the Parish Council and deals with day to day functions. Any enquiries to the Parish Council should be directed to the Clerk.

Where is Balsall Parish?

Balsall Parish is in the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull and situated around 7 miles West of Coventry and around 13 miles to the east of Birmingham. Balsall Parish consists of many villages not just Balsall Common.

A brief history of Balsall Parish Council can be found here. What responsibilities does the Parish have?

The Parish Council is responsible for maintaining a number of areas including the Cemetery at Temple Balsall and Willow Park on Needlers Lane, Balsall Common.

The Parish Council is also the point for consultations and planning applications.

Who funds the Parish Council?

The electors of the Parish of Balsall make a contribution within their Council tax to fund the Parish Council. These electors also have the right to vote for the Members of the Parish Council.

Please take some time to view all areas of the site and let us know how we may improve the service which we are providing.

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