Balsall Parish Council Events and Notices

Balsall Parish Council Events and Notices

Events and Notices

On this page you will find details of important notices issued by Balsall Parish Council as well details of forthcoming events happening in and around the area. To make it easier to find items the page is split into two sections - Parish Council Notices and Forthcoming Events. Use the links above to jump directly to the section you are interested in.

Parish Council Notices

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016/17

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Annual Return 2016/17

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Annual Accounts 2016/17

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Balsall Parish Council petition against the HS2 Hybrid Bill (Additional Provisions)

Balsall Parish Council submitted a further Petition to the House of Commons on 13th August 2015, opposing the Additional Provisions outlined in the HS2 Hybrid Bill. This petition is in addition to the original petition opposing the Bill. This will lead to a further appearance before the Select Committee.

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Waterloo Housing

Balsall parish Council have received details of a potential affordable housing scheme from Waterloo Housing Association. The Plot of land can be identified from the attached site plan.

A presentation was given to the Planning Committee at the meeting on 10th June 2013. This detailed the initial thoughts of the developer to provide:-
"varied housing to include perhaps a mix of a small number of 1 and 2 bed flats, 2 bed houses and 2 bed bungalows for rent, and a number of 2 bed houses for Shared Ownership (part buy-part rent), however we are open to looking at what would work best and what would secure the maximum support locally"

Waterloo Housing have also advised that:-
"We (Waterloo Housing) have met with Solihull Council who could be supportive of such a scheme but Solihull would need to see that we have had consultation with your Parish and obtained your subsequent support. We would work with the Parish and Solihull Councils to establish local connection criteria and a "cascade" mechanism to ensure local people were afforded the first opportunities to access any new housing.
We would only take this site forward if the Parish Council were supportive of it."

Following this meeting, the Residents Association was engaged to gauge public reaction to the proposed development.

Waterloo Housing will be holding a public consultation on Monday 9th September 2013. The event will be held at the VILLAGE HALL from 4.45pm to 7.45pm. The venue given in the original leaflet is incorrect so please note the correct venue.

This event will provide further details of the proposed scheme and members of the public may present their views. Anyone interested in finding out more about this scheme should attend the public consultation.

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Balsall Parish Council response to the consultation on the Draft HS2 Environmental Statement

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Response from Balsall Parish Council to the HS2 Property and Compensation Consultation

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This document is the response of Balsall Parish Council to the Department for Transport Consultation: High Speed Two: Property and Compensation for London-West Midlands.

Many residents of the Parish have experienced serious prolonged financial and personal difficulties due to blight from the HS2 scheme, and the Council believes HS2 Ltd should provide prompt and full relief.

It would appear that many other areas have similar problems, and the Council is concerned that objective data on the extent of the blight has not been published to put the Consultation on a proper basis, and this could undermine any conclusions reached.

Only the most badly affected people are thought likely to make their problems known to the Parish Council and elected representatives, and there has not been a systematic study carried out by the local authority (Solihull MBC).

The consultation is also affected by the incomplete information on the maps released by HS2 Ltd. It would appear that definition of the land required for many ancillary features for construction and operation is behind schedule.

Furthermore, the Consultation would have been more relevant if it had been preceded by a Strategic Environmental Assessment to identify the geographical extent of impacts from the scheme.

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